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PANG Lok Sang Pan

As one of the students in the stream of fire safety engineering, I am so grateful to choose the concerned program engineered by CityuU SCOPE to further pursue my continuing education in my working field. As a graduate of social science with an arts background in my secondary school life, mathematics or multiple calculations always threaten me during my two-year term of study. However, the patience given by lecturers leads me to overcome those obstacles. It impressed me most that a lecturer even shared with us her phone number for our further enquiries about that lesson.

Mak Sin Hang

My deepest appreciation is extended to our modules leaders, lecturers and tutors of CityU SCOPE, who gave us constructive criticism and friendly advices throughout our study of programme. There are a series of systematical methodologies to coach us how to solve fire engineering problems more effectively by providing with plenty of practical examples and sharing the tips from their own experiences and practices from the industry. We would not complete all the fire engineering course works in time without their guidance.

LU Chengyu

For people like me who wants to be a professional engineer, but without sufficient academic qualifications, this programme would be very useful. It gave me an opportunity to achieve the required academic qualifications without sacrificing my jobs. But it is never easy to satisfactory complete the course and maintain our work performance. I am grateful for to the unlimited help and great advice from our teachers and staff. By this course, I have learned the engineering concept, essential scientific knowledge and logical methodologies to solve the engineering problems in an effective way.

Lo Cheuk Fung

After the past few years in the CityU SCOPE fire engineering program, I had faced a lot of challenges and things that I had never met before. As a part-time student, I need to make a balance between my job and my study. I always won’t forget the day that I overcome every examination.

I would like to give my deepest appreciation to those module leaders, lecturers, and tutors who share their valuable experience and support everything in the program.