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School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)

With enthusiasm and aspirations, I warmly and proudly welcome you to the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE) of the City University of Hong Kong!

What is SCOPE? You can read more about this on many media channels, publications or on our website, but here is how I think about it. In my mind, SCOPE dedicates continuously and indefatigably; its unparalleled efforts in pioneering and providing the best-possible quality professional education and lifelong learning and training opportunities in a wide spectrum of academic and non-academic fields to knowledge-hungry and achieving adult learners from all walks of life at reasonable timeframe and affordable costs.

Established since 1991 for 30 years, SCOPE has successfully nurtured more than 30,000 university graduates in collaboration with our partner universities overseas. Apart from offering undergraduate and postgraduate-level education at full-time or part-time modes in a wide variety of academic disciplines, SCOPE has been providing abundant learning opportunities to support tens of thousands of adult learners in exploring, pursuing and upgrading their continuing professional development, lifelong learning goals and career success. As a newly-appointed Director of SCOPE, I will undoubtedly continue this honourable mission and am dedicated to supporting adults who are interested in continuing their education and striving for their best for continuous improvement.

At SCOPE, a team of highly experienced and dedicated faculty staff, will work with you, as learners; side-by-side to help you to flourish and succeed. The School has offered a wide range of professional and continuing education programmes embracing the application of the latest business knowledge and technological knowhows. We consider every student as unique individual and a lifelong learning partner who learns from us and contributes back to the community as competent and responsible global citizens.

As for potential collaborating stakeholders in education service delivery, training and re-training opportunities and possible meaningful partnership, we are eager to explore possibilities and partner with you and support you in your efforts to realise your strategic plans for degree-level, postgraduate level and continuing education/vocational initiatives and alike for Hong Kong students. Having had the privilege of dedicating myself to various academic, research, and administration positions in the education sector for more than 30 years, I am excited by the promising prospect of bringing SCOPE to new heights and further success.

Let me conclude by quoting the mission statement of SCOPE as below:

“To provide quality life-long education for professional practice, retraining, and self-development which anticipates and responds to community needs as well as social and technological changes.”

I certainly share this mission and feel the privilege to be part of it.

We hope that you will join us someday and find a memorable and meaningful learning journey with us.

John W.K. Leung, PhD, EdD
School of Continuing and Professional Education
City University of Hong Kong

July 2021

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